Windows 7 3 Official Beta Antiviruses for windows 7 (legal + free) Norton + Kaspersky + AVG


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well this is for anyone that doese not know about this. if you are using windows 7 there are already anti viruses from the bigger companies made specificlly for windows 7 and they end when the beta is over. so they are free for you to use fully and legally.

Norton 360 v3 Win7 : Anti-spyware Software - Identity Protection - Virus Remover - Free Worm Removal | Norton 360 Beta


Kaspersky v8 Win 7 version: Windows 7

AVG For Windows 7 : AVG Antivirus and Security Software - Welcome Windows 7 user!

I got all of them from microsofts official website which is here: Windows 7: Security software providers

im currently using the kaspersky windows 7 one and it works flawlessly. my other friend is going all norton and my other friend went AVG. i can confirm ive seen all 3 of them working perfectly in action. if you do not want to buy one or just want to try something new out like me and cant wait you should get one of these.

hope this helps some people

Edit: wow i just noticed. i have a beta windows (leaked one) i have a beta nvidea driver i got a beta anti-virus and a beta web browser as well as 2 beta games. im seriously un patient with things >.< that or i love to get free stuff :p
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I would say thanks
Cuz norton like fcked up my pc
And i just downloaded kaspery
So yeaaah
Thanks for getting me the links
Anyone notice Kaspersky v8 Win 7 version makes the Program Files folder "read only" ?

This is on x86 Win7

No big deal as I am reinstall and move to x64 but wondering if anyone else noticed that or if some setting could be changed.
AVG Expires

AVG is expiring. I loaded late January and now I'm getting pop-ups every 4 hours or so stating I have 6 days left to purchase.
It's been seamless and works fine. Lot's of downloads/install suggest turning off firewall/anti-virus during install but I was unable to find, just cannot find any way to turn it off. All the installs went fine anyway. I'll try one of the other freebees next.
All three of those are horrible. There's only one good and FREE antivirus and that's Avast. Sorry to sound like a troll, but just stating my opinion.
Unfortunately they are no big deal. They all have expiry dates and can be obtained from the sites periodically.
All three of those are horrible. There's only one good and FREE antivirus and that's Avast. Sorry to sound like a troll, but just stating my opinion.
I was also surprised that Avast continues to work perfectly with Windows 7 64 bit.

At seems to work perfectly. I sure hope that's right! :)
lol these are not horrible IMO. ehh these wer made to be tested just like windows 7 is made to be tested. so for anyone that doesnt know about these or that wants to try the NEWEST out there this is for that guy.
Ok. As far as Anti-virus is concerned, Avast is hands down the best of all free ones. It is better than Norton by far. Kaspersky caused viruses on my friends' PCs.

Avast is never time restricted and always free. It works on 64bit and 32 bit and is completely compatible with every Windows OS. i installed it straight away. Go to avast! - Download antivirus software for spyware and virus protection and go for the free home edition. Register for a free key which lasts a year. Then you just apply for a renewed licence the following year, still completely free. You can do at-boot scans with avast as well, which really does help.