32-bit IE8 on 64-bit Win 7 intermittently does not play MSNBC videos


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My IE8 32-bit (on Win 7 Pro 64-bit OS) has been working flowlessly until today. I have an intermitrtent problem: Sometimes I can't play MSNBC video clips. It is 'loading' forewer. Then, after some browsings, I try again, and it works. I am asking if this is a known problem in which case, I can fix it without reinstalling IE8. I started using the IE8 32-bit version a long time ago because Adobe Flash Player 10.2 which is needed for the 64-bit version is not out yet.

Probably unrelated, but when I 'delete' all temporary files (Tools->Internet Options), my Internet emporary file folder still has more than a thousand files. ALso, I accidentally installed Google Chrome Browser, then uninstalled it that caused Outlook messages not opening links, then I reinstalled Chrome (but using IE8) and the links are working again... could it have anything to do with my present problem?

Thanks for any advice, Laci.

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