64 bit Windows 7 mobile device sync problem.

I am using Windows Mobile 6.1.
I was synchronizing my phone with Outlook Express on Windows XP 32 bit and MS ActiveSync and everything worked fine.

Recently I have upgraded my system to Windows 7 64 bit. I installed and configured the Windows Mobile Device center and Windows Live Mail. However, each time I connect my phone, I am getting this message:

“There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program, or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.”

I can't really create an association, because Windows Live Mail is not in the default program list. There is thing I do not understand: The email association in Windows works through the MAPI interface. The Live mail client does register MAPI, but it is a 32 bit DLL. My Windows is 64 bit. So is the Mobile Device Center. Therefore, theoretically I do not see how these 64 bit apps can talk to a 32 bit MAPI client. I was looking for a 64 bit Live Mail client, but couldn't find it. I also tried MS Outlook 2010 trial version. Same thing: You can only get a 32 bit version to try and it doesn't want to sync.

My question is: Was somebody able to sync his Mobile Windows device to 64 bit Mobile Device center?
If somebody did it - please, let me know how.

Thank you,

Victor Havin.


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For all sorts of reasons I don't do any actual syncing with email clients but I do connect my HTC HD2 ok with the Mobile Device Centre on Win 7 64, via both USB and Bluetooth. I assume you're connecting ok and it's just the syncing process you're having problem with?

Thank you for the response.

You are correct. I have no problem establishing link with mobile devices over the USB or Bluetooth. The hardware layer works fine. However, I can't sync over this perfectly healthy connection. I assume this is because 32 bit email client is not taken seriously by 64 bit system.


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