Windows 7 7077 due today/tonight

as far as complete... as complete as it is gonna get unless the RC has any major bugs in it. On the upgrade thing, i would not even try to upgrade from vista to windows 7. just back everything up and do a clean install. it is the best thing.

oh and when the public RC comes out, it is not a windows 7 "beta" anymore : ) it is a release canidate!

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If I install the release candidate as my main OS, when the key expires what do I do? Can I buy a version of 7 and then just keep the old installation, or do I need to do a clean install when they key runs out?

option b! clean install for RC which will be good until well after the Retail/Final windows 7 is out. Then clean install to the Retail. That is what i am going to be doing anyway.

just downloading 7077 now...
And when the official one comes out in shop, will i be able tot do an upgrade from 7077 to the windows 7 pro

Is the the real RC or RC 1 or should we wait till 7078 7079 0r 7100?


With Windows 7 evolving toward the Release Candidate milestone, Microsoft remains mute on the platform's post-Beta development process, making no attempt to clarify the chatter around the progress done with the pre-RC builds of the operating system. Information leaked in the wild now indicates that Windows 7 is up to Build 7079. At the same time, there is also talk of Windows 7 Build 7105 having already been compiled over in Redmond. The software giant offered absolutely no confirmation related to Windows 7 releases from the RC branch following the availability of Beta Build 7000 on January 10, 2009.

Windows 7 Build 7079 has 6.1.7079.0.090407-1902 as the complete build string according to Wzor. The version number reveals that the code for the milestone was wrapped up on April 7, 2009, just a couple of day ago, and only a few days after Windows 7 Build 7077, which has already been leaked in the wild and made available for download via torrent trackers. At the same time, Microsoft is reportedly past Build 7078.0.090406-1758 with Windows 7, compiled on April 6, 2009.

While offering information on how to bypass the upgrade block of Beta and pre-RC builds of Windows 7 from being transitioned to full-Release Candidate, Microsoft mentioned Build 7100 of the next iteration of the Windows client. It is uncertain at this point in time, whether Windows 7 RC will in fact be Build 7100, but reports indicate that Build 7077 is the official RC-Escrow. Escrow is a label used in the development process to signal the fact that any code changes have been frozen, and that the focus has moved on confirming that fixes for reported bugs are in place, and that no regression issues have been created with the latest changes. Microsoft was expected to offer the RC-Escrow of Windows 7 in April, with the full-RC planned for May 2009.

But at the same time, the software giant apparently also compiled Windows 7 Build 6.1.7105.0.winmain.090404-1235 on April 4, 2009. Although the Build number is reported as real, I can confirm that the alleged Builds labeled 7105 leaked in the wild are fake at this point in time. The latest development milestone of Windows 7 that has indeed made it to BitTorrent websites is Build 7077.

Even if Build 7100 ends up being the fully fledged RC of Windows 7, fact is that there is nothing stopping Microsoft from compiling builds from the RTM branch, even ahead of delivering the release Candidate to the public. The same was the case with Windows 7 Beta. The Redmond company had started on the RC-branch in December 2008, approximately a month before Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 was in fact available for download as a public release.


2mins left............. cant wait 4 this which wont change my windows 7 exprience one bit but cant wait

ive just cursed it 0.2/1K

looks like its going to be an hour until i can upgrade

Just saw this post from SoLoR on another site talking about 7077 x64:

"At first i was only talking about 7077 in "general"
and we did get it, however she was saying she have both so i assumed we will get both
I do think they (she + "her" group, she is only frontman) are just being an asses on purpose... They are saying things like "lets see how long it will take if we don't leak it", "it will leak, but wont say when, let it be a surprise" and "this is like a slow movie" and things like that... they are being jerks on purpose... "

that is silly on their part.... the RC is weeks away. anybody is gonna be able to download it for free. so it doesn't matter. Beside 7077 may not be the RC escrow anyway. just wait a few more weeks and it will be RC time:razz:.

Well, according to a reliable source (guess who), x64 is currently being downloaded by a select group of people, and should be out in the wild in about an hour. :D

that is silly on their part.... the RC is weeks away. anybody is gonna be able to download it for free. so it doesn't matter. Beside 7077 may not be the RC escrow anyway. just wait a few more weeks and it will be RC time:razz:.
So, if the RC1 is coming out in May then anyone who has the Beta can do a clean install of it, or is it going to be like first 20,000 people to download like the first build??

Yeah, you can do a clean install of the RC...although, if you go over the the Engineering 7 blog, they give a workaround so that you can upgrade as well. I would assume the workaround would work, since it was posted by Steven Sinofsky. :razz:

But once again... why would you even want to upgrade instead of clean install? Especially when going from a BETA build of Win 7 to the RC.. it just wouldn't be a wise decision in my opinion.. ;)

It's just like the workaround that exists for people who bought the "upgrade" media of Win Vista.. you can do a clean install with the upgrade media.... I know I didn't buy an upgrade version of vista so I could upgrade.. I bought it over the full version simply because I knew about the workaround and it's a much cheaper solution.. :) I still say Windows is way too overpriced and always will be.. :)

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I agree Radenight...I've upgraded throughout the beta builds, but when RC comes out officially, I plan on doing a clean install. BTW x64 is now in the wild.

Sweet!! :)

Microsoft has said that the release candidate of Windows 7, which will be broadly similar to the final version, will be released in late May 2009. The final version is expected in January 2010.
So the RC 1 is coming out in end of may, will beta user just be able to download it or will everyboby be able to download it?

Will it be available at the microsoft website??

It will be available to the general public but not until sometime in May.. ;) That's not to say it won't be leaked way before that though.. I'm sure it will be somewhere.... :)

Thanks a lot Radenight 4 that fast reply

But will it be like the first 20,000 people to download it like it was with the beta - or an unlimited amout of people downloading it??

However (im running out of connectives) we can always get it from torrents but i like doing the "official way".

There will NOT be a limit this time around. It will simply be available for a certain amount of time.. Unfortunately I don't know exactly what that amount of time will be just yet but I do know it will be for a while.. ;)

Build 7077 is out in x64!!!!!!! not gonna say where....everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The are corrupt files in most of the 64 on Rapidshare

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