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For some months now I have been running Windows 7 and since the start I have noticed a little flag of warning in the lower right corner. At the start it announced 2 problems, which was altered to 1 after I had done a back up. If I look at the one remaining problem this seems to be that I have not permitted automatic downloading. I have never had automatic downloading before and I don't want to have it. I want to see first what files I am downloading and I don't consider this a computer problem which has to be solved. It functions without problems, so what can I do to get rid of the little flag of warning? As it is now I see it and don't bother about it, as I assume that there is nothing wrong, which of course it isn't, as long as only the mentioned "problem" is meant. But I wouldn't like to miss a real warning just because of this whim of the program. Anyone else with this "problem" and how did you solve it except for changing to automatic downloading?


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Hi Carolus,
I assume you mean messages concerning the Windows update utility and you not having it set to automatically download and install. Well many of us here advise that procedure anyway because as you say it's best to know what is being installed. You can stop the messages troubling you however and all you need to do is right click on the flag icon and click 'Open Action Centre'. Look under the Security tab and under windows update you should see a setting to turn the messages off.
I have my Windows update utility set to 'check for updates but ask me whether to download and install them'. That way you still get notified about any updates (usually via the lock screen) but still retain control over what gets installed.

Thanks for info kemical,
I have the same setting for downloading as you and my downloading functions without problems. When there is one, I allways get a message, whereupon I can install it if I choose to. As I understand, the text of the warning flag disappears, when it is set to automatic downloading; if not it is a problem to the computer. My solution to this "problem" was to move the flag to hidden icons where it doesn't annoy me all the time, but where I can check it from time to time. I think I'll settle for this solution so far.

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