A Much Needed Thank You to All Viewers, Members, and Supporters


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A Word of Thanks

On behalf of Windows 7 Forums, we would once again like to thank you for your hospitality and support in donating to the cause of the website. Contributions from members in the form of excellent posts, important questions, financial support, and even constructive criticism have gone a long way towards helping to keep the site operational at all times. This notification is simply a reminder of the contribution you have made to the website, even by visiting, and a word of thanks for your support.

Did you know?

Windows7Forums.com is a site that stands for completely open principles of discussion. Our members form the core of the online experience most of our viewers have. We go to great lengths to respect all viewpoints of members, and to assist them on a volunteer basis. Unlike many other websites and forums, we have worked hard to maintain a database of information that is the culmination of years of questions and answers, as well as views and opinions. This information repository is run for the benefit of the greater Windows 7 community at large. Without the early outpouring of interest and support of our viewers, we would not be able to maintain such notable content for so long.

How We Are Working to Improve Your Experience

This year alone, we have already tested and deployed ideas and concepts in a planning phase. We have been testing new ways to provide content faster, and to more people around the world. This has included the testing of a content delivery network. Further, over time, we have provided dozens of instructional videos for our viewers. Every day our volunteer staff lend out their time towards answering important questions. Many of these members are highly proficient in their field and have extensive experience in information technology. These include certifications, real world experience and training, as well as the Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) award.

To improve your experience, we continue to update our forum code to the latest possible release builds. Other forums, which continue to use much older versions of their code, may be vulnerable to exploitation and attacks. In addition, when new features can be introduced, we attempt to provide them with great fervor. In October, we upgraded our server infrastructure and last year updated our site design for easy access. We also provide additional services such as a toolbar to easily navigate the website, and options for premium membership.

Fostering a Friendly Atmosphere of Cooperation and Friendliness

Our community is important to us, and this involves giving our members as many options as possible, including the ability to create and run their own groups, which in and of themselves could be considered mini-forums. All members have a significant amount of leeway to upload file attachments, create picture albums, write blogs, and use many other free-to-use features. It is important for us to welcome new members into our community. If you are a new visitor to the site, you are encouraged to truly make use of these options and join our community by participating in discussions. We know from experience that many members use the website to ask important technical questions, but providing a place to forge new and lasting friendships, as well as interesting discussion is also equally important.

Looking Ahead Towards the Future

As we look ahead to future goals, we are excited about the new technology that is driving innovation around the world. Specifically, we continue to await the release of Internet Explorer 9, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, and future developments on Windows 8. We have taken steps to work out early development of Windows8Forums.com, which already links into our growing repository of information.

As we continue to follow these trends into the future, we hope to always provide courtesy to our members, great ideas and solutions, as well as real innovation in so far as what a website bulletin board, or forum, can be. The members and viewers of Windows7Forums.com form the basis of an excellent community, from all around the world, and we are happy to share that experience with similar forums and websites.

In that sense, we sincerely thank you once again for visiting the website.


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Very good post Mike. On behalf of myself you are very welcome and thank you for your continued work and tireless efforts (which for the most part go largely unnoticed and unappreciated) in making this Forum what it is.


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Very well done mike as trouble said we can not thank you enough for your commitment to the site and efforts if it was not for you the site would probably not be here today. the site is leaps and bounds better then we i orginally joined back in 09:)