Windows 11 I just wanna say a heartfelt "Thank you!" to all for revealing W11's "gotchas". Not gonna upgrade for now.


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Really, I do!

I only just upgraded to Windows 21H2 (from (21H1) less than two weeks ago.

Over the years, Microsoft's OS iterations have been becoming progressively worse. I know many people complained about W8.1; I have no idea why. I continue to use the professional version on my original Surface Pro, and it's a fantastic OS – for both the "laptop" and tablet modes of this device. (I also still run Windows 7 Pro on a touchscreen laptop, and it too is an excellent OS. I have no major complaints about either XP or 2000 as well.)

BUT, with the introduction of the grossly unfinished, cartoon-y Windows 10, the OS took a very deep plunge in quality. I've always appreciated multiple ways of getting things done in Microsoft's OSes and apps. But, starting with W10, if you need to make changes to your network (adapters, etc.), good luck with that! Oh, you can access it easily enough in MS' childish new interface but then what? I've used Classic Shell to get a proper Start Menu with a fly-out "old-style" Control Panel menu. (I know, I know, MS made "my life simpler" by providing a search option for me to go find hitherto quite easily accessible functions!)
Just who are the new breed of idiots running the show at Microsoft?!

Worse, they continue their tradition of NOT LISTENING to their users: Recently, they broke the map drive functionality to (Synology) NAS. It wasn't a "my" issue; there was a forum hounding MS for a solution – for months! MONTHS!!! They finally repaired it, but never acknowledged the issue.

That's why I am honestly grateful to you people here. I thought I'd give it a try and roll back if I didn't like it. But it seems that won't be a viable option. So, as W10 will be supported 'til 2025, that'll give me a bit of time while they get their W11 sh!t together.