A Network Cable Is Unplugged Error... please help!

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Asha, Dec 23, 2015.

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    I attempted to run a system cleaner a few days ago and when I rebooted, I no longer had access to the internet. It says thatthere is no local area connection because A Network Cable is Unplugged, however i don't use any wires...I only connect using a wireless connection. I also don't have a modem, I connect using Xfinity wifi signal in my neighborhood. I have a Hp Touchsmart 520 Desktop, that's running Windows 7.
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    Well I would start out and verify you have an IP address, subnetmask a gateway and DNS servers defined.
    You can get all this by opening a command prompt and type ipconfig /all you can post the output here if you want it to be checked out. Then verify you can reach the gateway ping <gateway ip> If you can ping that, then ping something on the internet ping this is a public DNS server hosted by google. If you can ping that then try and ping a website such as water.com If you can't ping past the gateway then you will need to contact the ISP
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    Just a thought. Before going in depth, simply check whether the WiFi on the laptop is not accidentally switched off. If you are on a laptop there should be a small green indicator light somewhere and if that is on a WiFi icon on the taskbar.
    If you are on a desktop you probably don't have that indicator, but there shoud be some device up and running. Could you tell us what WiFi network device you are using?

    That other problem, a not responsive system, may also be cause by a bad network!
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