Startup Error Please Help Immediately :(

Yesterday, my Windows 7 has suddenly crushed after a restart. I didn't understand what happened. I haven't installed or uninstalled a program or plugged a device. The black screen about recovery comes. When I tried to restore windows it shows 0 mb partition and the C: drive is missing. It show 0 mb partition and the drive is "C:". I've tried bootrec and bootsect commands but the situation didn't change. Also I tried with a Vista dvd but it doesn't help. I've many important files in the pc, I don't have a chance to format my pc. Please somebody help..

Btw, I'm using Sony Vaio notebook.

When startup repair is done. It helps nothing but it says:
Root cause found:
No OS Files found on disk.

Repair action:partition table repair
Result:Failed. Error code = 0x490
Time taken = 672723 ms


I'm planning to unplug and plug the hdd.. Does it help ?

Can you boot windows in safe mode? Attach the crash dumps found in your C:\Windows\Minidump.


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Also I tried with a Vista DVD but it doesn't help
What exactly do you mean by this?

You're link is broken, BTW.

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