ICH9 family usb driver error please help!

alright guys any help will be awesome. so... i have a hp dv6 and the hard drive crashed. so i took a friends old dv4 hard drive and installed it. everything has merged over correctly except for the usb ports. when they installed the drivers automatically they all failed. so since then i have tried reinstalling wich leads to error code 37 in the device manager. also i have searched vigorously all over the internet for a correct driver but have found none. then i tried to update the chipset driver which installed correctly. then I did every update on microsoft.com and intel.com to no evail. when i plug in my external hard drive it draws power from the usb ports but is not recognized. under the device manager it shows how the usb controllers have not installed properly and they continue to not work. so any suggestions would be great. also on hp's website there is no leads either. thanks in advance for your time


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Hi and welcome to the forums,

Here is some preliminary advice. If the official HP drivers are not working for you properly, please consider using the Intel INF Update drivers at http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Product_Filter.aspx?ProductID=816

As you have indicated, you may have already tried this option. However, if by some reason you have not, you will need to enter your details and follow the directions thoroughly if you have not already tried this potential remedy. There is no guarantee that this will be successful for you given the information that you have provided.

For additional information: Although I know this may not be the optimal solution since you have come to the forums, if you continue to have failures with the USB controller on this laptop, you may seriously want to contact Hewlett Packard technical support.

When looking up this problem, Hewlett Packard Technical Support Forums contained similar suggestions:

dv6-1375dx laptop - USB ports not working - HP Support Forum

You may find that this problem is due to a need to completely uninstall certain drivers using a specific utility from HP and re-installing certified HP drivers at their direction. An alternate possibility is that a legitimate hardware problem exists due to a manufacturing fault on the device built-in USB controller. Since others are experiencing the same problem, you are not alone in this scenario, and there may well be a remedy that HP is aware of on this model of notebooks. When speaking to technical support, if they dispute that this is a common problem, you may want to reference the above post on their own forums and this thread specifically.

If all of these options fail, you may want to consider checking the drivers in Device Management and ensuring that all USB-related drivers are up-to-date. This may be a time consuming process, and does require some knowledge of your own hardware and how Windows interacts with that hardware. This is a far fetched way of resolving a potential driver conflict if HP support cannot help you, but may also cause additional problems if not performed properly. It would involve manually updating other USB controller drivers (if they exist) to ensure that driver conflicts do not exist. You may also want to use the "Update Driver" option and try to update the drivers yourself from the manual Intel INF Update package. Generally, using this method is not recommended, but could be of value if you reach a last resort turning point.

Most of the time when we see driver conflicts like these we are dealing with either a device driver conflict (i.e. one or more device drivers is preventing another from starting correctly), or the hardware is physically malfunctioning. The best way for you to make this determination, however, is to first contact Hewlett Packard, which keeps a support history of technical problems with their consumer products.

Often times the answer to device driver questions can be quite complex and are very hardware dependent. Numerous applications which also install drivers may be creating these conditions. Please let us know if you find any success from this advice, as any solution could prove helpful for other owners of the HP DV6 who are experiencing this issue. I am sorry there is no direct answer for you, but based on the nature of your problem, these are the most prudent steps in order to proceed.

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mike thank you so much for your response!!!
problem is fixed.
the solution was to find the reference number to usb in the registry editor and then i deleted the upper and lower filters and restarted the computer. then windows re installed automatically the driver and boom it worked. so many told me that this was not gonna work because the merge from dv6-dv4 but with most of the steps you outlined it worked great. thanks alot

chamboozy, good job. i have the same issue with a dv6 and a hard-drive from a newer dv6. Everything worked except the USB controllers. Would you mind describing the process to your solution: the solution was to find the reference number to usb in the registry editor and then i deleted the upper and lower filters and restarted the computer.

Major thanks,

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