Windows 8 A Pictorial guide to creating a Start menu

So you just installed Windows 8 Preview and have discovered the Start screen but no 'Start menu' or button as such. Well this guide will show you how to quickly configure your Start screen as if it was your old Win 7 start menu. This is by no means the only way and is just one way of using Windows 8.


creating new block.jpg

Block created.jpg

repeat process.jpg

further progress.jpg

Continued next post...
Refining the menu further...

icon tweaks.jpg

Start menu right.jpg

start menu left.jpg

Continued next post..
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Yet more refining:

Click this.jpg

naming blocks.jpg

moving blocks.jpg

So this is my menu. Plain and simple whilst being extremely fast with almost everything to hand. The Restart and Shutdown icons are easily available via the web but if you really struggle to find them ask me and I'll send.

my start.jpg
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