A problem executing an html form on website


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I ran across a problem with my DT - this works fine on my LT.
on this page -- androidfilehost dot com/?fid=9390355257214632011 there is a Begin Download link in the middle of the page. It is constructed as a form. When I click on it in FF, Chrome, or IE nothing happens.
The other pure links on the page work fine.

Obviously, my DT Windowz installation is not happy with something. Both DT & LT r configured essentially the same R.E. AV, firewall, windows 7 Ultimate, updates, etc.

SOMEHOW this must be related to the login issue I am having - on SOME sites.
when i try to login on xda-developers.com, it reports that I have a wrong pw.
I can login fine on my laptop.
It is like something in windows is causing the wrong data to be sent out - but ONLY on certain sites.

It is also preventing me from registering on a Riteaid site.

Does that make any sense to anyone???


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I'm not very familiar with this, but it seems it could be an issue with your hardware. Like https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=9390355257214632011 is for a certain ASUS platform. It could explain why you get it on LT but not DT.

I would suggest to check your DT hardware / drivers. Is the hardware compatible, and the drivers up to date?

Hope you get it running - I'm very limited here... sorry.


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I suspect a security setting or firewall component may be blocking it. Are the security settings and firewalls on your two machines identical?