A whole medley of problems


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If you haven't already nuked it, try this: You'll need a USB stick and another computer to do this. On the other computer, download and install the program here:
ClamWin Portable | PortableApps.com - Portable software for USB drives
This is a free and open source antivirus scanner that will run directly from your flash drive. (read: no registry entries are created, every part of the program will run from the flash drive.) Install the program to it, and then plug it in to your computer, making sure you do nothing with the autoplay. (no, don't even select "open with Windows Explorer to view files" since that may be affected by whatever malware you have, if any.)
Run the program and let it do its thing, hopefully that'll solve whatever issue you have.


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OK. If you still want another possibility of help try out Windows System Restore and choose a point prior to your problems. this sometimes helps, esp. if its not about viruses
already did, says so in hte opening post.

Anyway, i tried Dbanning it, which finished with non-fatal errors... IE nothing happened. Format C isn't working, so i'm trying GParted.


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Well, i nuked it and reinstalled 7...

However, McAfee still can't connect to the net (please, just help me, don't say "MCAFEE SUCKS")
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Hi Dragon,
I see you eventually did a fresh install but are still getting problems.... This link has some fixes to do with Mcaffee and the net but I was also thinking that if it doesn't help you specifically then you could at least try Mcaffees forum??

Link Removed - Invalid URL

Anyway post back if it comes to nothing...:)