ABC Media Player Won't Recognize Windows 7

Whenever I try to watch Lost on ABC's website with my Windows 7 build 7100 laptop, I get a message saying my browser wasn't recognized. It then gives a list of supported browsers for Windows Vista, XP, and Mac OS X. I'm using Firefox and I've tried internet explorer as well. Does ABC's website just not recognize Windows 7 or is there some kind of fix?


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Mine worked fine in IE8, but Firefox took longer but still loaded..

Since there is flash on the site, try to download the latest stan-alone flash player here:
For IE8

Download Flash Player (IE) -

And for Firefox:

Download Flash Player (Non-IE) -

If you're using the 64-bit edition, you'll nee dto use the 32-bit version of IE8.

That didn't seem to help. I've attached a screenshot of what the website shows me when I click "Full Episodes." Hulu and Youtube play so I think it's got to be something with how ABC's website recognizes my browser.


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you are correct. I just loaded the page, didn't click on anything else.

Obviously we'll just have to wait for Windows 7 support.

Bummer. Good thing the next season of Lost doesn't start until after October 22nd. :p

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