Windows 10 Acces Windows Music interace


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Is Windows providing an interface for music control?
So I can control music (play/pause, skip, volume) using my keyboard with any music source which is currently played on my computer and when I do this the cover image is also displayed in the left corner. I was wondering if this can be accessed from other devices? It is kind of okay to be able to control it with my keyboard, but sometimes the wrong sound source is selected or I don't even know which tap is actually playing the music. So I thought it would be cool if I could build a device to just control the music of my computer. Probably a device that I could just connect via USB.

I know I could just build a "keyboard" having just those buttons implemented. But I thought it would be cool if I could also connect a small touch screen to this device to see the cover of the current playing music. And maybe also select there which sound source should actually be selected by Windows.

I hope I could explain the plan well enough and that such an interface exists. Furthermore, I'm no Windows expert and have actually never developed for windows nor have I build a component that connects via USB. So please correct me if I might have used the wrong expressions.

Thanks in advance.