Access denied for printer on laptop

I have two laptops, Lenova with Windows 8 and HP Pavilion with Windows 8 pro. I have a HP Officejet 7560 hooked up to the Lenova.

When I try to access the printer from the HP, it can see the printer, but in trying to connect, Windows is telling me access denied.

If I hookup the printer to the HP, the Lenova can see it, connect to it and print to it just fine.

I have checked all the sharing and permissions settings on my Lenova, and everything should be set to allow another computer to access the printer, but it is still giving me the same message.

Local expertise where I live is not helpful so decided to try the Windows 8 Forum.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The Printer drivers are all up-to-date. I ran DriverScanner 2013


Sounds like driver is missing for laptop 2. Did you "add printer" on laptop 2?

Yes, both computers have the correct drivers for this printer. It appears to be a permissions issue on the Lenova. When I add a printer on the HP, it can see the printer, but when it tries to connect, it tells me that access is denied.

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