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Windows 8 Accidentally deleted windows 8 user account

Pradeep Aitha

New Member
Oct 5, 2012
Here is what happened.

I went to administrator tools > Computer management > Local users and groups > Users.

Now I double clicked on the main user account. Then I switched to the 'member of' tab. I deleted the things whatever present over there.

Then I restarted the system. Now I can only see Guest account. My main account is not visible there to login.

I have no other account except Guest account. So I logged into the same but I cannot re enable the main account from here. Or I cannot create any new account from here.

But it seems I have the built in administrator account enabled. Screenshot attached. I tried to restore my system. To do so it asked for the password of this administrator password. But I did not set any administrator password.

So I'm stuck here with a Guest account. Please help me.

By the way my main account is not deleted permanently. Screenshot attached for the same.

The same question I posted on some other site: Accidentally deleted windows 8 user account - xda-developers


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If from the guest account you can start a commnd promp with run as adminitrator you could run lusrmgr.msc to read add the account. I have to ask but why would you remove everything from the member of dialog?
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Actually I was trying to look for a workaround to make my store work. I followed some thread and did those things. I thought it would prompt me if I do something wrong. Well. The problem is solved now.

Like I said it asked for me for a password to enter into the admin account. I tried many passwords yesterday. But no success.

Today I tried to enter into it without typing any password and to my surprise it let me in. I never guessed it would be like this.

I restored my system and everything is fine now.

Problem solved.

Thanks for the reply.
Good to hear it's fixed and thank you for getting back to us with what you'd done.