Acronis loader fatal error Boot drive (partition) not found? Help?

I was doing a full system restore when the power went out. I booted up my computer again and was greeted by the above message, and it doesn't let me progress further.



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You should be able to boot from your Acronis Rescue Media (CD) and complete your restore from there, independent from any OS.
The only caveat being that the power outage didn't physically damage the hard drive you are trying to restore to.

Hi, thank you :)

Okay, thanks, the problem is: I don't have that CD. I've had the laptop for about two years, and most of the stuff that came with it :( Is th


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Depending on how you came by Acronis you should be able to log on to your Acronis account and download either an ISO (which you can convert to a bootable CD) or if you don't have an Acronis account for some reason, you can download a 30 day free trial version which you could install on another computer (if that is an option) and build the rescue media from there.

I've always found that no matter which backup software you use, the true value comes from having rescue media for that software, exactly for just such purposes as the issue you are experiencing currently.

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I also use the Acronis rescue CD to make my disk images. That way there is nothing running in the background or updating to cause problems.

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