Address local drive as if it was a network drive

I develop at home programs for use at work.
At work the pc's get data from the server

I want to run programs at home and have a drive or directory on my HDrive such that when program
asks for file from \\server\data\something then the local folder is accessed

I do not want to map a network drive to a local drive (I have no network at home)
I do not want to use subst to Associates a path with a drive letter (I dont think)

Any information gratefully accepted


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not really my area to be honest but we do have a tech, who's a wizard with this kind of stuff. I'll ask him to have a look..


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I guess this request doesn't make a lot of sense. So if the program can't access \\server\data\something it will use a local cached copy of \\server\data\something? If that's that case you can just use just enable Offline files and your network resource will be cached locally. How-to Enable offline files in Windows 7 - Spiceworks this should be fairly similar in Windows 10. If this is not the case then I need more information.

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