Adobe Acrobat files

Don't seem to be able to read acrobat files with either IE8 or Firefox 3.5 when using Aero Themes; if I switch to Basic Themes, I can read the acrobat file with no problem.

Is this a problem with the pre-release RC version.


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Best check through the options. Mine works 100% (RTM)


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Firefox displays them right in my RC.

Well, try as I may, I can't so there must be something strange going on - incidently, the error message dialogue box is empty.

If I revert to a Basic Theme, then switch back to an Aero Theme, it will work.

Strange things computers - seem to have a mind of their own!

Are you accessing PDF's on a College site?

Because the majority of College sites suck. Especially their repositories of Peer Reviewed Documents.


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It could be a bug in IE. Recently, on one of my PC's, all of my plugins got screwed up. I can't open PDF files directly from the browser, and instead get a white screen, a popup box that says "Adobe Acrobat" and an OK button which does nothing. I also use Skype, so it should be converting phone numbers on websites to a format where I can just click on the number and it will dial. I checked to see that the plugins were still enabled and they are. It will likely require that I reset IE to defaults and/or re-install Adobe Acrobat and Skype. So In this case I feel your pain, but can provide no useful anser to your problem.

Make sure the Adobe plugin is not disabled in IE8 would be my first suggestion.

I do not believe that is the problem. I have seen this problem most on College web sites.
PDF's worked fine everywhere but there. Had to find a different link to the same PDF and it would open fine.

It's going to be probably, a malformed web link, or something. But I don't think it is IE8 or IE, but more web master and Adobe.

No it's not a college web site - one of the sites that doesn't work is mine at Walk the Wight - Atherfield.

But it's not only my site it happens with ALL sites.

Also it's not just IE8 - Firefox does exacly the same.

The opaque dialogue box with no text is just as Mike explains.

I don't usually use 'fancy' themes as them take up a lot of resouces tending to stick with the basic desk top BUT one of the features of Windows 7 is the pop up preview when hovering across the toolbar which only works with Aero themes.

I hope that this bug doesn't manifest itself into the official release but then perhaps that too much to expect - given uSofts track record.


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Could you indicate a PDF file on the site you have mentioned. I cannot find one and would like to test it.
For interest, is this connected with Usoft in some way??


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Very curious. No problem here. Ditto Firefox. Have you looked in your "tools - manage add-ons options. The second picture is mine.

View attachment 2221

View attachment 2222

Well, I've just installed the official Windows 7 Home Edition in 64 bit mode & guess what - the problem still persists.

OK - it might open up an embedded pdf or two BUT it soon stops showing the file.

Maybe it's my hardware but I'm not changing that, so it's got to be a standard desktop appearance, which incidentially WORKS.

Aero might look flash & without it, the much talked about features when you hover over open items on the task bar don't work, but it needs fixing 'cause I can't be the only user to experience this problem.

Over to you - Microsoft

I'm sorry, but I have to say,, just because one can not find a reason for the problems they are having does not auto-magically make it a windows problem.

I do not have any of these problems other than what I stated earlier in this thread.

I'm sorry, but I have to say,, just because one can not find a reason for the problems they are having does not auto-magically make it a windows problem.

I do not have any of these problems other than what I stated earlier in this thread.
If it's not a windows problem, why does it magically fix itself when switching from Aero to Basic, then back again - all other parameters have remained the same.

It well may be that given the multitude of PC configurations than exist in the world, the developers of Windows haven't or can't configure their software to cater for ALL.

Working fine for me WightWalker - there was an initial white screen displayed when I logged on, but within a second the pdf loaded. Windows 7 Professional, Aero turned on, link viewed in Firefox.

It would work for some time before 'giving up the ghost' - I am not unique in respect of this problem as others also appear to have experienced this judging from a google search on the problem.

I have just installed the latest version of Acrobat v9.2 & it appears to continue to work - only time will tell!

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