Windows 7 Aero disabling itself after being idle


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After being away from my computer for what seems like 10 minutes or so Aero switches to the basic theme. If i click my mouse it will turn back on automatically. I have all the sleep settings for monitor/harddrive/power turned off in control panel. Any ideas?

Also using latest nvidia drivers 185.85
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mine does the same thing, I believe its a power saver type "perk". Its hasn't bothered me so I haven't looked into it, but your not the only one.
I think I may have discovered the problem.

I came across some information on Microsoft's site about WinSAT scores (the ones that give your system a number rating).
Configure Windows System Assessment Tests Scores

The Windows® System Assessment Tests (WinSAT) are used to analyze the performance of several system components, including CPU, memory, disk, and graphics. Data generated by these tests are used by the following:

Windows components, such as the desktop window manager (DWM) and high-definition video playback, to scale functionality.
I never ran these tests. I figured they were just for benchmarking so I left them unrated. I ran them today and left my computer idle for 30 minutes and Aero did not scale back down to the basic theme.
DWM Fails after S-3 Suspend

When I "sleep" my machine in S-3 mode; upon waking, WDM quits and reverts to Basic mode, losing my prefered window color setting. Only a full re-start wil fix it!
When I set the BIOS to use S-1 suspend type, sleep/wake-up does not cause the problem - my window color setting is retained - however my machine does not power down to the same degree as with S-3 (the fan stays on).

This is a real bummer, since I would like to use S-3, but I do not like the standard "Windows Blue" color scheme. I like to set my desktop to more subdued shades of gray. It is easier on my eyes.

my issue is just like yours. Though I want to post my specs just to see if there is anything in common with everyone else.

Windows 7 Pro RTM 64 bit
Phenom II 720
DFI M2RSH 790fxb
2 512mb hd 3850 in crossfire (catalyst 9.9)
2x2gb OCZ platinum ddr2 1066
using s3 sleep mode.

I have just done a clean install and have the latest catalyst drivers. I don't understand. This feature worked perfectly in vista. Any ideas of where I can file a formal issue to Microsoft. Sleep is a good feature, but only if it works.