"All your device are belong to us"

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    In the last post of our Microsoft MVP Theme week, as all the MVP's start making their way home after a great, but brain filling week, we highlight Bryn Lewis, Microsoft MVP Embedded and awesome IoT teacher..

    Microsoft Ignite NZ session with Netduino devices

    Last week I did a session about devices at Microsoft Ignite (Formerly TechEd) New Zealand.


    I had a lot of kit on stage with 3 Netduinos, 3 Arduinos, and 2 Raspberry PI devices (running Windows 10 IoT Core) featuring in my 3 sets of demos.

    First Demo

    This demo was about connecting sensors. I showed the different programing models used to read data from an ADXL345 accelerometer

    Arduino Uno R3

    Netduino 3

    Raspberry PI Windows 10 IoT Core

    Second Demo

    This was about hobbyist devices, wireless connectivity and cloud data services (I used Xively). I had 3 devices, two of which I passed into the audience for them to have a closer look at.

    Netduino 3 Ethernet - Running my nRF24L01 Field gateway

    devDuino 1.3 + temperature & Humidity sensor

    devDuino 2.0 + temperature & Humidity sensor

    Third Demo

    An Azure ServiceBus EventHub (for telemetry) and a ServiceBus queue (for commands). My scenario was a vineyard managing frost fans to stop the crop getting damaged when it gets really cold.

    Netduino 3 Wifi + DS18B20 temperature sensor uploading readings to an EventHub

    Raspberry PI running Windows 10 IoT Core receiving messages from a queue and turning a small fan on/off

    The code for Netduino 3 & RPI was built using Azure Service Bus Lite which worked really well.

    I spent too much time preparing & testing but all my demos worked....

    All your device are belong to us


    So much hype, so many different devices, so many protocols, so much data, so little security, welcome to the Internet of Things. Come and see how you can build an affordable, securable, scalable, interoperable, robust & reliable solution with embedded devices, Windows 10 IoT and Microsoft Azure. By 2020 there will be 26 Billion devices and 4.5 million developers building solutions so the scope is limitless.

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