Alt key in Windows


Changing of keyboard layout in my system is Alt-Shift. When you're working in Word, other office applications or browse somewhere - you often shift from 1 language to another. In case you accidentally did not press alt-shift properly and pressed only alt - your cursor will jump to the application's menu (File in Windows, or similar other tabs in other applications). This may really be a problem when you type in something intensively, you may even close the window without willing to do it because you have jumped to menu and did not want it and pressed some assigned hotkeys that are there in that menu. This really bugs a lot of people and I was roaming on the Internet for a solution. The most poplar advice is to disable the alt key (and there are many tools like "Sharpkeys", for example), however it does not solve the problem. I need Alt key in combinations but I don't want it to work as an independent key as I don't see fit in accessing menus with Alt. In fact, I really wonder who is using Alt for this. Is there a way to disable Alt key in Windows but only as an independent key? So that it would still work in combinations (Alt+F4, Alt-Shift etc.)?

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