Windows 10 Annoying "File Access Denied"


Senior Member
Feb 1, 2020

Every time I try to copy "You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy this file "​

I am trying to copy large .TIB files image files from my C: drive to an external drive connected directly to the PC. I AM admin on this computer but am not using the Administrator account. The actual profile I use does have admin rights. I have tried various fixes available on many other sites, none to avail. Any body knows how I can fix this once and for all. What am I missing?

Couple of things come into play when accessing files. Permissions and labels.

Labels have to do with your current rights elevation while permissions are what you are allowed to do with directories and files.
Labels are low, medium and high. Most everything runs at a medium privilege label except for some browser processes run in low and the built-in administrator account runs in high.

So you need the current permissions as well as to be running in the correct label. Even as an user that belongs to the administrators group your user account still runs in medium for almost everything. The UAC prompt is a protection mechanism used to elevate a particular process to high to become privileged.

So you need to verify you below to a group applied to the external drive that has write permission to the path you are writing to as well as permission to write files and you also want to check the the integrity level a.k.a. (the mandatory labels). If it is set to high then that is why you keep getting prompted