Any free Windows 8 downloads out there?

Greetings. Happy to be a part of this new venue. My wife kinda got crowded out of being able to use her computer with Windows Vista on the steady basis that she is used to. We are heavily involved with Genealogy and she is always searching. Anyhow, to alleviate the condition, we purchased a laptop with Windows 8 for her personal private use so she can go on the computer with no obstacles. I understand that Windows 8 is proving to be complicated to those of us who are used to less difficult transitions. Anyhow, I would like to help her and I thought to better understand things about 8, I probably should upgrade my computer which has Windows 7 up from Vista. It's not in the budget to buy and I was wondering if anybody here has any ideas. Thanks.


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There is no legal way to obtain Windows 8 without buying it and your question is therefore very close to discussing software piracy which is contrary to forum rules. There are suppliers offering various deals on Windows 8 and I suggest you google something "windows 8 deals"

To suggest that I am promoting software piracy is ludicrous and I take exception to it. We are retired and on fixed income and have had numerous colleagues aid us with free downloads of numerous description, which we are thankful for. Perhaps you have a mindset that when people ask for help or things for free, they are criminals and should be addressed as such. Have a great day.


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Hello Bozet and welcome to the forum.
Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't do "free" when it comes to their Operating Systems. Actually they seem to have a particularly strong aversion to free with respect to most of their products.
As Jim has pointed out above they do offer a pretty large range of evals (sort of a try before you buy deal) but they are all time bombed with an expiration date that can vary from 30 to in some cases 180 days. So in most cases these are not generally viable options for the typical home users.
In the end you're likely going to have to shell out some bucks, how much will likely depend on how good a shopper you are and what deals you can find. Just beware that if it seems too good to be true, then it likely is.

Being a retiree on fixed income I can certainly appreciate your position. I just want to say that I'm sure Pat intended no insult or offense. If you cruise this and other forums for long enough you'll likely see that a new poster, asking for a free copy of anything but especially an operating system, never, ever, ends well for anyone and can even sometimes result in claims of DMCA violations by the software manufacturer against the site facilitating such a thread and that is why everyone is a bit on egg shells about discussions that might potentially lead to posts that might be construed as software piracy discussions.
Thank you for your understanding and for taking the time to join our community.

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