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my laptop has a genuine Home Basic window it already had a McAfee Security center trial version... i want to install a new one which is absolutely free and fast and having good performance... can anyone please guide me and send me link of that antivirus? and should i instal Microsoft Security essential?
I'm not a fan of MSE either it keeps doing poorly in tests. I use Avast free AVG and Avira both have free versions also.
I'm not a fan of MSE either it keeps doing poorly in tests.
thanks for mentioning that. I looked into it and found that in November, AV labs pulled their certification from the product with a detection rate of just 64%... Compared to 89% which is the industry average. Microsoft Security Essentials Loses AV Certification - Security -

I can honestly say I will no longer be endorsing the product to my clients.

As for antivirus solutions that are effective while leaving a small footprint in system resources, I find ESET SmartSecurity is great, albeit having a rather high price tag,
thankyou all for so many good suggestions... I have install Avast free addition and its great... nicely working found alot of threads in my laptop... I was scanning it through McAfee security center but was not founding it... when I plug in usb .exe's were created there and all folder were hide.. I was worrying.. but thanks to avast free version it solved my problem which McAfee was not doing
The discussion and dispute of the best antivirus is seemingly a non-ending story. I think the only true solution is to have some security software running. Personally I have ended with Avast Internet Security, payed version, I first payed for a one year license, and lately I payed for a three year license - the cost is like a cheeseburger or two slices of pizza per month, or ten kilometers of fuel with my car. A big deal?

I mean, what is the worth of safety? Where do people put their money? A few bucks per month... and I have no doubt about people who think Windows' present safety is safe, with present programs.

An issue of values, I would say.
I've been an Avast user for years with no problems whatsoever. But for me, anti-virus is just a second layer of protection. In case I failed and missed something. The best anti-virus is knowing what you are doing when you are online.
@badrobot: I agree with your comments! I too have recently become an Avast Fan, and use both Free & the Paid Internet Security 2013 products for my clients. As I mentioned in a another post about AV software here on the forum the other day, Avast has been doing a superior job to both Norton & McAfee with the new Ransomware viruses that have come out in 2012, last year. I get about 5-6 computers a year now with computer-killer viruses that snuck in around both Norton & McAfee paid subscritpion products. Avast blocks all the high-risk ones in that category, which I really like. :up:

I also suggest you use reliable scanners from Safe Mode in Windows such as Malwarebytes & Trend Micro working in addition to the Avast in background mode. This is configuration I now deploy to 95% of my Clients. The only time I run into problems if my Customers let their kids or grandkids play on their computer using the Owner account, and when Grandma & Grandpa are not around their either disable or UNINSTALL the Avast and other security programs from computer completely--and of course in a few weeks or a few months they wind up back here with me in the Computer Hospital! :hide:

Hope that helps!

P.S. Most of the badly infected computers I receive now have relied on free AV products such as Microsoft Essentials or it's older predecessor Windows Defender. Neither of which provide adequate protection. Please see Titanic's take on it in above Post, as to why this is not a good idea.

i was also considering the free version of the MSE but being caught up with the varying facts regarding the Microsoft Security now i will look forward for other better available AV options ..
Oh boy! Not the virus threat war again. Monsters under my bed. Who will save me? AV-Test?? A test to see if the virus are detected. Will it ever end? Does my PC have a virus that can not be detected, help I don't know what to do.
Sad to say this, but I don't think it will ever end. As the locks get better, the burglars get more cunning. In this area of life, it seems that hoodlums are a step ahead...

AV-test, yes, and do a scan with Malwarebytes too,

My personal experience is that more and more unwanted stuff come through installed programs, attachments to the program you want to install. These unwanted strangers are installed, thus not necessarily noticed by scans. You may do well in checking what programs you have had installed lately, Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features, or e.g. Revo,
Good for free you ask?

In Windows 8, Windows Defender & periodically Malwarebytes.

Pre Windows 8, MSE & same running of Malwarebytes, @ least.

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