Windows 7 Any good free antivirus??

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I'm only using windows defender now.


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Depending on your browsing/installation habits, MSE may not be sufficient in terms of detection rates.

A different freeware alternative I would endorse is avast!

I always download software from their official sites with chrome, MSE works well for me so far.


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I always download software from their official sites with chrome, MSE works well for me so far.
You're more intelligent than 95% of the Windows userbase then, congrats :)

I currently use MSE and iSafe free virus removal tool, both of them are decent and trusted free antivirus

MSE works for me for a while. i'm planning to have it replaced by another free AV for some reason. still hunting for a better one~~

every antivirus is good in some aspects its just what u like and what you are used to like i hate mcafee just because i think it doesn't solve shit and also it doesn't allow me to do shit that he thinks is dangerous without having to press a trillionbezillion buttons so try:
Norton,AVG,Vipre,BitDefender,Kaspersky,Eset,Avast,Avira and even mcafee can't go Wrong with anny but beware free antivirus is mostly a virus or they will say yeah you got a billion virusses by now to fix and check out all these other shitty programs

Use one out of these Comodo, Avast, Mcafee and Techgenie


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The last in knew MSE was decertified because of it's poor performance in independent tests. I tried it and dumped it after I noticed it quit runnning a few times for no reason.


All I will say is sure has worked very well for me & all my clients for many years.



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Microsoft Security Essentials / Defender is not nor was ever intended to compete with Third Party Anti Virus commercial offerings.
As a matter of fact I believe they partner with these vendors and support their efforts to make their products better.
"We’re providing all of that data and information to our partners so they can do at least as well as we are," she said. "The natural progression is that we will always be on the bottom of these tests. And honestly, if we are doing our job correctly, that’s what will happen."

She added that Microsoft wants "everyone to do better than us because we know that makes it harder for the bad guys"

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Hey Drew: There are many of us old dogs that maintain that Windows itself is the best distributed virus in the world! That being said; it's tough to design an anti-virus program that's 100% for a program *Windows* that's already a virus?? Quite a conundrum, huh? I agree with Pauli and others here on this one. I've said my peace; but, right now, after putting Avast Free AV 2013 on about 15 Customer Computers-I've only had one come back so far; it's doing a heak of a job! :up: Comparable to what the Big AV guys (Norton, McAfee, CA, Panda) are putting out there and charging $60 per year for. BTW, I just got an Email renewal notice on my NORTON Internet Security that my 2014 auto-renewal will be $69.95 up from $59.95 it has been for the last 3 yrs.

So, if Norton is upping the annual subscription cost; so will all of their competitors! :wound:

You'll notice that several of the more experienced Techs here recommend running 1 primary AV product or Security Suite and backing them up with on-demand scanners such as Malwarebytes and a few others. I use about 4 second-level scanners behind the Norton, McAfee, or AVAST when they are the primaries. It's now been PROVEN by IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center @ that many new categories of RANSOMWARE *like the FBI VIRUS* have been sidestepping the major AV manufacturer's software. There are many articles about this, you can research online yourself to verify. So, since new Versions of Windows don't let us run multiple AV programs in foreground memory concurrently like we could prior to 2003, you have to run 1 Primary program, and run on-demand scanner programs in the background. Prior to 2003 I had to run up to 5 different products in the foreground to keep Mission-Critical machines virus-free! Today, we are being forced into running a similar setup; multiple programs or security suites backed up by specific on-demand background programs to keep things from getting out of hand. Per Avast and Norton's latest press releases they have over 1.2 Million identified live viruses or Malware in their definitions databases!~ That's an awful lot of threats to maintain--and product antidotes or removal for. :skull: :green: :vomit:


To try and use that article to bash, condemn or say MSE is no good is skewing & misinterpreting what it is saying. Read some of the comments under the article, if you care to give credit to any of the ones that concur with my own view. People who like to knock MS products because it's supposed to be the cool & hip thing to do will take things & twist them to suit this effort.

Yes, yes, I know there are Folks who won't like what I'm saying, here & called me a 'fanboy' or something to try an knock any validity out of what I write & make themselves look right. Be that as it may.

I have been in IT a fair while, now and I won't recommend Norton or McAfee, even if I were paid to do so. I couldn't count how often I've had to remove Those & other brands of so-called security programs and their firewall offerings, from customers machines. Replaced w/ MSE, the prior problems were gone & the customers have had happy experiences since. There are some paid protection softwares that are good. There are good ones that are free.

There's been lots of stuff blow right by, say, Norton but, MSE would stop the stuff.

Before MSE came along, I used Avast & recommended it & gave it to my clients.

To interject here, in conversations w/ IT Pro colleagues @ any IT seminars & conferences all hold the same view towards MSE & against Norton/McAfee et al, as myself.

I have no interest in arguing, especially via typing. I will say, from the perspective & connection I've had w/ Microsoft over time, MS's interest AGAINST malware is huge, deep & paramount. And this includes offering MSE/Defender. Long ago Gates wanted to GIVE End Users FREE protection; those vendors selling products balked @ that. But, finally we got OneCare, Defender, MSE & Windows Defender. A complete (A-V & A-M), free, embedded and ON by default protection. Because security & protecting End Users from the Net, the 'bad guys' and protecting End Users from themselves was important to MS... and more important than charging those same people for security. It can, indeed to be seen as a moral issue while, people try to fault MS. Give it to them for free... put it in the OS, they don't have to look for something, DL it, install it, or have some kid in a big-box store sell them something nor even have to figure out how to enable it. This not only saves EUs trouble but, it guards against ignorance, ie people who don't use anything, don't keep current w/ updates or renewals. MSE & WD are full automated, a quiet friend, constant & permanent.

To say the most widespread, widely used OS in the world is going to provide a crappy security is utter nonsense, not even logical.

Anyway, say what you like, bend what you want & extrapolate things said or written how you want to serve whatever purposes or notions you are trying to tell others (the word YOU is used in the impersonal, generic way, BTW).

MS does care immensely about security and protecting End Users. And (fact is) MSE/WD is a good product and appealing in how it works & how much it costs. Security & protecting EUs is top of the list for me, too; as an IT Pro anything less or different would not be, in any good conscience, serving customers well or properly or ethically.

Sadly, the biggest threat to computer safety is, too often, in the chair facing the machine.

This is all I will say on the topic or in this thread.



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I don't give a *beep* about the program's name. I earlier thought that having various pieces of security come from various producers, was a smart move. Then I read an interview with one of the top guys of F-Secure, and he stated that the best solution is to have the whole package from one house. I don't have the technical skill to evaluate this statement, but the freeware part has the problem that you can't get "it all", meaning you must build it as a patchwork quilt. Thus, I decided to pay clear cash for my safety, and bought Avast Internet Security --- I'm not promoting it, there's no money or fame for me. And the freeware market may have changed. One thing I know for sure, I have all the support of the provider, 24/7.

Others have to determine whether there is any sense in this post. :cool:


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Microsoft Security Essentials / Defender is not nor was ever intended to compete with Third Party Anti Virus commercial offerings.
As a matter of fact I believe they partner with these vendors and support their efforts to make their products better.

I never would have thought of it this way. I guess I assumed MS made it to try and remedy the performance issues often introduced by third party clients (yes AVG, I'm looking at you). Thanks for the link.

my laptop has a genuine Home Basic window it already had a McAfee Security center trial version... i want to install a new one which is absolutely free and fast and having good performance... can anyone please guide me and send me link of that antivirus? and should i instal Microsoft Security essential?
Malwarebytes Antimalware would be the solution. I have been using this antivirus software on my laptop from years


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Malwarebytes Antimalware would be the solution. I have been using this antivirus software on my laptop from years
Real time protection is not free with MalwareBytes. I might recommend MSE for basic protection or avast! for more advanced security.

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