any replacement for the file explorer of 7?


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i really don't like it.
it can't even copy files right.
i wanted to copy a 300mb folder & after 20minutes i checked it & the destenation was 5Gb! :confused:

i tried freecommander & classic shell but they are just a graphical thing. they still use the original Windows 7 file explorer (the original copy window appears).


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It might help if you tell us what you were copying, from where and where to...

I've seen Win7 become painfully slow on USB drives, but network and DD-HD copies have always been fast.


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Classic Shell, does change the way that Windows Explorer works in some ways, I found that it improved usage of Windows Explorer to the extent that the folders don't jump up and down the screen when you open them.

As to why your why your destination folder was larger then the one you copied... When you finished was the content of the folder, the same as the original folder or did something else get copied into it?
If the content appears to be the same, look at the individual files and see if any of the files got bigger.


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Try PowerDesk 8 from Avanquest it works fine with both x86 & x64 Win7.


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