Any Software for Windows 7 repair

Any Software for Windows 7 do repair

See below picture



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We need much more information such as:

Type, make and model of your pc?
Is it new?
Has it just started to happen?
Exactly what operating system is it?
Is your operating system one which came with the machine or is it a new install/upgrade?
If new/upgrade install where was it sourced from and did you run a clean install or upgrade.?

Thank you for your reply.

See below picture so more know about my PC

Thanks in Advance :)

Normally this unknown device is associated with the chipset Patcooke state...with out the make and model of your PC, locating your correct drivers is next to impossible.

Is this and OEM retail bought PC or a custom built PC?


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I'd say you have not installed drivers for "other devices". Each time Windows starts, it will look for unknown devices, and it may repeat the request which can lead to the fact that you have one unknown device marked several times.

According to the first screenshot, your basics should be fine. Your problem would be what the "Other devices" is / are. All devices usually come with an installation disc, have you used it? Or, you can try right click in Device Manager, to search for the driver.

Otherwise I conclude with former replies.

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