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Windows 7 anyone else having this problem


New Member
Apr 3, 2009
uhh well i have windows 7 now and i like it but my problem with it is, it won't let any of my programs other then AVG update?.... any suggestions? windows firewall and windows defender are both turned off but nothing! idk.... it's getting annoying though....

well, it started yesterday i was gonna play alient vs. predator 2 online (lol my only computer game cause im not that big into games but i like this one) and it told me that it failed to connect to the update server, so the day went on and i got back on later that night and decided to tinker around with SCAR, it said that it needed to check for the latest updates for that but that failed as well..... mmm idk if that explains anything but it just is no agreeing with me.... lo

i upgraded from Vista Basic which i upgraded from windows xp lol... uhh i don't have a dvd drive so i can't really do a clean install.. well i do but the laser has dulled out too much so it won't read DVDs anymore lol

I've tried running it in compatibilty mode as well... no luck

Thanks in Advance
You should check out this method for installing Win 7 without a dvd drive. It's from the Link Removed due to 404 Error site. All you need is a 4gb memory stick or card that you can stick in a usb adapter.