Anyone ever seen this?


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Tonight my wife was shutting down here computer and noticed a little icon in the lower left corner of the window in her email client. Thunderbird.

She asked me to check it out, so I clicked on it and it said, "Do you want to download this content for office use?"

The only options were yes or later.

I said later and it closed but I've never seen this before.

Anyone know what this is?


I don't use I can't say. If I had to guess, I'd say it's some sort of Office plugin for syncing....just guessing here. I'd check with Thunderbird about it.


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I haven't used Thunderbird too but is there a plug-in settings page on it like web browsers? It should be there waiting to be downloaded.


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I do use it and I think I saw that message. I am not certain, but I seem to remember something about social media. There is a Chat tab on the options dialog.


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Thanks guys, I do use Thunderbird and I've never seen it, but I don't use social media stuff like Facebook etc.
I'll check that out.


I stick with the tried/ture email client....Outlook from MS Office.


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I've never used Outlook, for some reason I've always used other clients.
I used Live Mail, but always seem to have issues with it.

I have it installed now but it won't send from my account, I have no idea why because in Thunderbird my account works fine.

But I have no idea what the message that my wife got was about, but if it comes back again I'll do more research.



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Do you have or Windows Live Mail which is part of Windows Essentials?

I have both. The first is my go to email account and the latter is my email client.

If WLM is not working with "File>send>page by email etc." have you checked the control panel for default programs and attended to the top 'Set your default....' and bottom one' set program access' .

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