Anyone having problems running Win7 on two monitors?

Sounds like this problem could be slightly different then, try googling to see if anyone has had the problem on xfx cards on vista and 7

Multiple Monitor flicker problem

I have 3 monitors, DVI connections: 2 Samsung 204T's (1600x1200) on an Nvidia GeForce 7900 GT/GTO and a Dell 280WFP (1920x1200) on an Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT.

Win7 (64 bit) installed OK, but one of the 2 Samsung's would only show a blue and white flickering pattern. Solution: turn the color depth on the Nvidia 7900 down to 16 bits (with a loss of the Aero interface; the 6800 still runs at 32 bit color) and wait for a new Nvidia driver.

John Land

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Changing to 16 bit does fix the problem, you can change back to 32 bit again and it will work until you change resolution or restart. I dont think that nvidia will be releasing a new driver as this problem has been happening on Vista for a while and there has never been a fix other than to use the 154.28 drivers.

Hi all!
Thought I'd reply and share my solution. :)

My pc-specs includes dual geforce 8500GT, a good-ol' CRT-screen as primary (Huyndai v995), and a Philips Flatscreen TV/monitor.. it got two vga inputs, and tuner-card of some sort, allowing rf-antenna, scart and s-vhs.

Anyhow, Windows 7 served me that freaking error message, which reads; "Unable to save display settings."
The only settings that worked, where Single display on one of them, and sometimes Clone. Think it was because of the two GPU's. :)
I've just rebooted my computer after a fresh install of the newest geforce drivers (181.22 32-bit), and it gave me NO hazzle ! :D
Dualview is up'n running, although with SLI disabled, and bothe monitors to the same GPU..

I will be back shortly to reflect the results of testing with & withouth SLI, both GPUs and so on. :)
[shortly after: Oh yes! The new drivers actually do let me enable SLI AND Dualview! Such great minds... (Im happy!) ]

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Have you installed the graphics drivers from windows update and configured your second display?

I have been having problems with using dual monitors. Whenever I plug in my second monitor my primary display turns to blue and white flashing lines. My second monitor displays fine and I can get my primary to work by changing to 16bit colour then back again. If I do a screenshot it does not show the flashing lines. Im using a 7900gs
Exact same problem! I'm running an eVGA 7900GT, Viewsonic VX2025 (1600x1050) and a SGI SW1600 (Multilink adapter, 1600x1200). I've tried the Windows 7 update Nvidia driver as well as the 182.06 Vista 64-bit drivers. Same problem. I can't live without my second monitor...hope someone comes up with a solution!

How are people changing the resolution using the keyboard only? Since my second monitor stays black and my primary goes blue and white, I'm forced to reset with the 2nd monitor disconnected.

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dual monitor '2' monitor identified

Installed 7057 x64 on my HP m9040n with no issues....

Just installed on my HP zv5000 and the following:

display: Nvidia GeForce 4 440 GO

I can't get any drivers installed for it. I usually run the laptop as a dual monitor and I can plug it in and have it cloned, but it only 'identifies' a single monitor. There is no '1' and '2'.

also, no audio, but that is for a different area....unless someone cares to help me w/that as well :) I've tried soooo many things my head is spinning!


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I guess I got lucky. I have a fairly old laptop, but hi specs, which is dedicated to beta testing. I hooked up a very old monitor, which has been lying in my store for some years. - Worked from boot up ion 64 and 32 bit.

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