Windows 10 Two monitors; taskbar shrinks after unlocking the computer


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I have an issue with one of the displays on my computer. The OS I am using is Windows 10 and I am also using two monitors. The resolutions on them are respectively 1920x1080 and 1280x1024. The taskbar is set to be visible only on the bigger screen. When I lock my computer and leave it for some time, and then I come back I can only use around 30% of the bigger screen (see attached files). Basically the task bar has shrunk two times and it has also moved upwards maybe one third of the display. The rest of the screen that is not defined by the taskbar is useless. I cannot maximize any program on that screen or use it in any way, outside of the space defined by the taskbar. After restarting the computer the taskbar is restored to its original place. The issue does not reproduce itself every time I unlock my computer but only in around 10% of the cases.

I would be very grateful if somebody can assist me with this problem.



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Thats a direct X error;
short term = reset the task bar,
  • right click on your task bar and pick 'properties'
Screenshot (17).png

  • pick a new location for the task bar and apply... then set it back to the bottom again


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If you're still having problems, post back your Make/Model computer, and the GPU card or chip in the computer. If you're unsure where to find this informatin, download the free SPECCY program from, and post the resulting output text file back here to this forum thread of yours. We can then attempt to formulate a resolution from there.

Hopefully, Norway's suggestion will do the trick.

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