Inpossible to change position of two monitors


I just installed win10 pro 64Bit on my Desktop PC.
I've been using two monitors but now with win10 the logical order of the two
monitors changed in comparison to the physical one.
My main Monitor is physically on the right side but when I need to move the mouse to
the second monitor (physically left side) I must move it to the right :-(

When I try to drag and drop the main screen to the right side it immediately(1-2 sec) changes back to its
original position.

Any hint?


OK, everything OK again!

I don't know why it now works but I after rebooted with only the second Monitor connected and
then I connected the primary one and tried it again it worked...



Windows Forum Team
Staff member
The other option if this happens again. Right click on the desktop and select Display Settings. Click Identify to determine which monitor is which then simply click and drag the monitor to the left or right and apply.

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