Windows 10 Anyone know how to save a Theme?


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I know how to create a theme in Windows 10 by putting all the image in a folder and pointing to it.

What I want to know is there a way to save it as a Theme file, the way that the are in the Microsoft store, so that you can download the whole thing as one file?

I'm working on my Rise of the Tomb Raider theme and I'd like to make it available to other Lara Croft fans once I get it done.

Right now I have 24 images saved (out of a couple of hundred taken) and I'm only 22% of the way through the game.

Here's just a couple of samples....

The graphics in this game are fantastic, it's hard to believe that these are really screen shots and not images created for promotion, but I took all of these using the "Windows Key + Print Screen option.

Game play is great too!


PS. I found it...

Create a theme

Not complicated, I haven't done it yet but I'll give it a try tomorrow.

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I would use the aero theme as a template and you could stick the .theme file and a folder in the %ResourceDir% for the easiest sharing. Might be cool to grab any curser files to and add them to your theme. Just search .cur in the game folder although they may be packed in a resource pack file.


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That's a great idea, I never thought of adding the cursors to the theme.
Maybe they have custom cursor packs online, I've never looked for that?

I wonder if I can add a sound theme that goes with it?

I have a custom theme for sounds that I use on my computer but I do it by just having a folder with all the sounds, but I have to set it up by selecting each sound individually and assigning it where I want it to play.

The Microsoft sound themes all work just by selecting a theme.
I'll have to look into that.


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