Anyone know what a WAN Miniport (IKEv2) is?


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I have this device "WAN Miniport (IKEv2)" under Network Adapters and it's always listed as not working.

I disabled it a long time ago but it always comes up as an error when I scan my computer.

I've searched online but I can't find anyone who really can say what it is.

It won't update the driver, Windows always says that there was an error, and as far as I can see it doesn't do anything but it won't let me remove it even though it isn't working.

I'm just curious it anyone has any idea what this is, I found a lot of people asking the same question but no answers.



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Logging on to the internet uses PPP (point to point protocol) and if you're connecting via a router it typically uses PPOE (Point to Point over Ethernet) which encapsulates the PPP frames inside the local Ethernet frames. If you're not using a router but a dial up connection the PPP frames still need to be encapsulated but there is no router to support PPOE in which case the software miniport deals with the encapsulation.


Google is your friend!

I just Googled "What is WAN miniport" and got over 500,000 hits.
I'm pretty sure that there's more info there than you ever want to read. Eh?

Happy New Year!



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I did the same thing the problem is that none of them agree about what it is or if it's necessary.

As far as I can tell it isn't necessary but you can't get rid of it, you just have to live with the error messages.Most of the posts I read were asking the same question and not getting a clear answer.

Things like this page....
Link Removed due to 404 Error

If I understand patcooke's reply it has to do with Dial Up connections so is just kind of redundant because my computer doesn't have a modem. Probably why I get an error message when I try and update the driver.

So I guess I'll leave it inactive and just ignore it.
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I may be misinformed, but I've always thought that WAN meant Wireless Access Point. Eh? (or, Wireless Lan)

Now I don't have a WAN Miniport on my XP PC because I have NO wireless devices on this PC.

I just checked my Acer One Netbook, which I run wirelessly and NO Wan Miniport there either.
It's Wednesday, so I just started an Update download on Spybot Search & Destroy.

I've seen it somewhere..... I'll keep on looking.

Sometimes life and PC's just present us with something we need to turn around and walk away from.
Sounds like you just found yours. Eh?

I just checked my Win-8 machine, which is run wirelessly and there is no WAN Miniport there either.

I know I've seen it someplace but at the moment I'm at a loss to find it on any of my own PC's.
(I have 14 PC's, so I'll keep looking)

Y'all have a great day now, Y'hear?

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I see 8 wan miniport devies on win7 home, but only see them when I enable view hidden devices in device manager.


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Dang! There they are, once you un-hide hidden devices.
Yup, I got'em! But they are all ok and the oldest driver is dated 2001,
so it looks like they've been around a while.

I just wonder, if they weren't loaded when I temporarily had my USB Wireless adapter
installed on my PC. ??? I can see no other reason why they would be there at all.

Oh well, this day has not been wasted.

O.T. (still learning) :cool:


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WAN = Wide Area Network

What you are looking at is for a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.

There seems to be some issue with this because I see a lot of the Error code 31 problems on the net.

I think from what I have read, you basically need to forget about it if you are not using a VPN connection, but it you want to fix it, I would uninstall my NIC device and reboot.
or if you what to do a little digging you can try this - Link Removed - Invalid URL

I have found that this has worked for some people.

Shubham Jaiswal

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I got solution to remove WAN Miniports on my own using safe mode & checked on two PC(Windows 10)(Worked !!)
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It makes me wonder if you could just go to your Control Panel-> Install/Uninstall Programs -> , then remove whatever VPN software you have installed. Otherwise, if you can remember if you ever installed Nord, ExpressVPN, AVG VPN, etc, then just download and install a copy again, then uninstall it. Just speculation...


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Mini ports are driver port paired virtual devices. Most of those on Windows system (IKE,L2TP,PPTP) are for built-in Windows VPN functionality, IP and IPv6 should be obvious and SSTP is for Windows RAS. There's no reason to remove them.