April 2015 Critical updates

Yesterday after downloading the recent updates and restarting, my task bar was white and running in safe mode with a pop-up telling me the laptop had failed to connect to a windows service.
I had to restore to an earlier point but I kept getting the automatic update and each time the same happened with laptop having to be restored to an earlier point.
I ended up having to turn the automatic updating off. It's showing as having installed 3 times yet it's still asking me to update the same ones!
I checked on the Microsoft Support forum and someone else has had the same thing happen. Has anyone any idea what's wrong and how to remedy it. At the moment I've elected not to d/l any more of the updates unless they are other than the ones I've already done.
Any input very welcome :)


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Hi Caroline and welcome to Windows Forums, :)

These problems are quite common as Microsoft pushes out Updates each and every Tuesday. Inevitably, I get calls from Customers once or twice a month who experience problems caused by the Updates. Usually, when Updates cause problems on your Computer, that's because something in your hardware has failed, begun to fail, or you have contracted a virus.

The first thing we need to do is have a little more specific information on YOUR computer. Please provide Make/Model (for example, a Dell Dimension E520), and also the EXACT version of Windows you are running, for example, Windows Vista SP2, or Windows8.1. We can then advise you how to proceed.

Asking us a bunch of questions about the Updates on a computer we have no specifics about it a little like calling a new Car Mechanic from the Yellow Pages and telling him your car failed to pass Smog, can he fix it, but he doesn't know if it's a Chevy, Ford, Toyota, or a SUV or Pickup truck or whatever!!

Thanks, and we'll get back to you within 24 hrs. (at least we try to do that).


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