Windows 8 Are Torrent Clients Banned by Microsoft in Windows 8


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Dec 13, 2012
Hi all

I am looking for a bit of help

I have just installed a nice new fresh clean install of windows 8, so far most things are working fine, but. I cannot get any of the Torrent clients I use to work, in every case the client installs fine but when it comes to running it fails to load, if I look in task manager it is showing but it will not close from within task manager and the only way to end the stalled application is to do a re boot.

Anyone else getting this issue or is there a known fix for it.

Thanks for any help


As far as I know these programs aren't banned in Windows 8.. But the use of these programs is usually used for things like piracy, and torrents are full of viruses so I usually suggest that people don't use them. You know what you're getting especially if you pay for something yourself because it's legit.

I don't think you'll get much support here for that reason though... I haven't read any articles that have said anything about programs being banned though, and I can't verify this for you because I don't have a program for torrents on my computer.


Thanks for taking the time to reply, don,t worry I am not sitting here with an eye patch on and a parrot on my shoulder, I only use the torrent sites for TV catchup program's.

I was begging to thin Microsoft had stopped them as nothing will work on win8 when they all worked fine on win7. Back to the drawing board then for finding a solution.

If only I could get win7 to re install over win8, but it won't.



:pirate: Then perhaps this is a compatibility issue. That's about all I can think of for now... Some programs don't work on Windows 8. Try compatibility mode...


Past that, I understand that a torrent program is really just an interface that downloads torrents, but the way torrents have been used, regardless of the fact that they are a very fast method of file transfer (which is sad), gives them a bad rep, and recognition as a pirating utility.

I'm afraid I cannot help you further though. I'm assuming you are being honest with your usages of this application, so that's about all the help I can offer. I can't encourage the act of piracy, it would be very bad for my image, and I hope you understand what i'm saying.

From my knowledge though, I'm fairly certain the reason why none others have responded to you is for the reasons that i've stated. And I myself have to be cautious about this as well...

Good luck.

Do you have Win 8 Standard or Win 8 Pro?

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