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Microsoft have started pushing Windows 10 registrations to you.

Microsoft has started promoting Windows 10 to users of Windows 7
and 8.

A notification box now popping up for Windows users all around the
world and offering to let them register for a copy of the free new

Now it’s not clear whether this is an official pre-rollout but
users around the world have started to see these notifications.

Are you seeing them yet?

This is what I received in my email.

Joe S

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I think it's from a Windows update KB3035583 I uninstalled it.


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Is that a windows 8 update Joe? I am running 10 and don't have it.

Joe S

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I think it was for Windows 7 and 8 a couple months ago. I read about the nag screen and uninstalled it and haven't seen any popups yet.


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I have that update on my 8.1 system installed on 4/27 but have not seen anything.

I have been hiding recent optional updates...


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Many see an icon in the System Tray and notifications regarding the upgrade. If you don't want to see the icon or the notifications, click on "Customize" in the System Tray and turn off the notifications for "Get Windows 10". No need to uninstall anything.

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