Asus G50V sound occurs only after hibernation (Win7 Ultimate x64)

Hi guys,

I am facing a sound problem in my Asus G50V laptop. The thing is that I have no sound after booting or restarting OS, but when I hibernate laptop and wake it up again, the sound shows up. Also, when the laptop has been shut down improperly (holding power button for a few seconds), then after booting the sound is present. So looks like shutting the system down has something to do with this issue. Does anybody have an idea what could be the solution here?

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate x64, just installed it, but there was no sound in previous Win7 as well. I have installed newest audio drivers from Realtek and NVIDIA websites, and now in device manager I have two audio controllers:
Realtek High Definition Audio v6.0.1.6257
NVIDIA High Definition Audio v1.1.9.0

Thank you for your advices.

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Hey, welcome.

Install this:


Run it once, reboot and run it again.

Thanks, that updated my drivers. But unfortunately it did not fix the sound issue... I still do not have sound after rebooting.

In the playback device audio properties, make sure that Realtek is set as the default device. Right click the speaker icon in the system notification area near the time, to get to it.

Realtek it is. I would not have sound at all if some of these settings were incorrect. I have been looking all over my system and trying to fix it, also I went through many forums but I did not find the solution, and actually, I did not find anyone else having similar problem.
Obviously, either hibernation or booting has to do something with it, because they change the presence of sound.

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