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I've been having some problems adding photos to Live Mail. Personally, I like the photo email option, but I've been asked to send pictures by attaching them to the email.
In Outlook Express, one way to do this was to open an Explorer window with the photos i want to send, select them and right click, and choose "send to mail recipient". I could select the resolution (small, medium, large) and it would resize everything neatly.
I know this is also possible in windows 7 with Windows Live Mail, but when I select the "medium" size it resizes all the pictures to a tiny size ("small" presumably). If I select "small" is makes them the same as "medium" and if I select "large" it seems to make them "medium" (or possibly "large" - hard to judge) ... "original" works OK.
It seems that the option to resize as "medium" is broken. I'm using RC1, build 7100. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix? Has it already been fixed? :confused:


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Not sure if this is exactly what you are asking. This is a picture of a New outgoing mail. I have both added and attached the black picture. The row of options bring the size from very small to almost too large. Although they are labelled text adjustments, they actually adjust the size of the whole picture.

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Thanks for the reply.
The problem occurs only when selecting a group of image files, right clicking on the files and then trying to send them to the mail recipient at medium file size. (only medium is broken).

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