audio CD wont play

Hi peeps - newbie here
Have a new Pentium Dual Core PC with Windows Vista. For one week I was able to rip an audio CD to MP3 with Windows Media Player. Mysteriously now when I insert an audio CD nothing happens (auto play is ok/defaulted to Win Media Player). If I browse in Internet Explorer and click on D drive the CD ejects. The same happens when I open Win Media Player and browse to D drive - again the disc ejects. I have no other audio or DVD software (Roxio etc). I can insert a DVD disc and it auto plays ok, problem is only with audio discs.
Any help or suggestion would be most appreciated.

I installed Yahoo Music Jukebox and the same thing happens - if I browse and click on D drive the CD ejects!!!

My CD Rom drive is listed in System Information as: PIONERR DVD-RW DVR-112D ATA device
Device working properly / optimum driver in use

confused now if this is Vista related or a problem with the CD Rom drive



This reads like a drive problem. But some program or drivers could be screwing up the drive. Try booting into safe mode and see if these weird problems still happen with the drive?



Thought I was going mad with this - it turned out to be a laser problem with the CD Rom drive. Luckily it was still under warranty so have a new drive installed and working fine…………ah the joys of life

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