Audio from Computer Console

(XP Home Edition)

I made a mess trying to change security from Zone Alarm to Comodo - ended up with Avast.

The changes ( the initial try of Comodo) triggered a 10 second intermittent 'siren' from inside the unit (standard - not laptop).

I've tried every kind of removal, reinstall, reboot combination - and the 'siren' remains - even coming with internet completely removed.

The siren does NOT come through amp and speakers connected via sound card.

But when go to Device Manager etc. to disable sound the output from sound card also shuts off.

Volume controls don't affect the 'siren' but do affect the sound card.

Everything else is working and I expect I'll have to do something 'serious' at some point - the unit is due for a change sometime in the near future.

But is there something I can do to shut off thiis infernal siren in the meantime - while still being able to use the sound card output?


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You need to use the aforementioned software's removal software, which you can get directly from their websites. Sounds like you have some leftovers of the software and mainly in the registry.

Thanks - it was the installation of Comodo Firewall that initiated the problem. I removed it with the Windows removal tool - I also used the Windows removal process for Zone Alarm - I since activated Win own firewall and installed Avast.

The 'siren' remains.

So I really don't know how much more I can do down that path.

Alternatively I am wondering if there is a way to silence the Console's own sounds while maintaining output from Sound Card.

Are you comfortable with working in the registry?

Actually no - . But my son is fairly fluent - so if you would have some instructions I could muscle it through with his help.

The main thing is the computer has other faults and has been in emergency use waiting for me to get a power supply for the one I should be using - so it's not a great use of time to invest in it - so was thinking that I should try to shut the console (a DIY unit) sound off by itself if there would be any way to do that

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