Automatic boot, like alarm clock?


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Hi, Id like to know if there is a way I can customise my pc, either windows 7 or 10, to boot up automatically at the same time every morning. Without me touching anything... while I'm still in bed.

I am currently venturing into the world of retail trading and need to be up and at my desk by 6am. However I am not a morning person, and so was wondering if there was a way I can automate this process which will encourage me out of bed knowing my work was up and running waiting for me.

Id like the computer (or program if required) to either play my favourite music or give me a good morning greeting. And if I could push the requirements a little further, also start several applications for me such as; my trading application screens, maybe the overnight news from the FT or some other news source. If the program could automatically read out the news headlines to me that would be awesome. We might as well throw some voice commands in there as well so I can get upto speed while making my breakfast, before I've even sat down.

Now Im sure someone might think I've been watching too much si-fi, but I know these things are available individually, and to tie it all together might need some bespoke programming done. But what I want to know is is there anything available currently that could do a lot of that, and exactly how much can be achieved with windows os alone, beyond the simple alarm clock?

Thanks. I look forward to some replies.



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Thanks nmsuk,

This looks really interesting, a good place to start. Once my pc is awake I might be able to use voice commands to run a program to read out news headlines. There must be something like a text to voice application for blind users somewhere, that might work.

Im going to have a play. Thanks for your help ;)


The best solution, in this case, would be to pay an AI company to look after these cravings of yours.
They would develop an app to do all those things as and when you require it.
Google assistant forked to be used on your PC would be a nice try, to begin with.

Or you could use Siri for that as well.