Automatically start up program minimized

Hi. I hope that this is a problem that can be fixed. Thanks to one and all.

I have a program (Teamviewer 9) that starts automatically from the Win 7 startup folder. Trouble is, it starts in a normal window, but I'd like to have it start minimized. I have changed the shortcut properties (in the startup folder) to start minimized, but when I restart my computer, I find that the program starts automatically, but in a normal window.

How can I change this? Changing the shortcut's properties doesn't work.



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The first thing to do is to check you have the latest version.

This kind of problem is not unusual, I've had it with several programs, like the quite highly recommended Core Temp. The command "Start minimized" doesn't work, period - for some reason.

Uninstall... reinstall... uninstall... reinstall... etc. From what I've read, the program should work. You might try Startup Delayer,

Give it a minute to wake up? Or two? Don't know. Hope you get it running well and smooth. :)

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A possible way of doing this without too much effort would be to create a batch script which will start TeamViewer minimized.

Open up a blank notepad and enter the following (PATH_TO_TEAMVIEWER_EXECUTABLE - change this to the target which is set for your original TeamViewer shortcut in your startup folder) -


Save this as TeamViewer.bat, or call it something else but it must have the ".bat" extension at the end. Change "Save as type" from "Text Documents (*.txt)" to "All Files (*.)". When you have completed those steps, click on "Save".

Now locate the batch file in which you just created, right-click on this file and click on "Copy". Open up your "Startup" folder, right-click a blank area and then select "Paste shortcut". You may want to re-name your shotcut and remove " - Shortcut" from the shortcuts name, but this is optional.

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