Windows 8 Autosave screenshots with Windows 8 Preview

A nifty little feature of the desktop in Windows 8 Preview is being able to take a screenshot and have it automatically save to a folder in your Pictures library.
Nothing could be easier.. When you have a subject, hold down the Windows key and then press the Print screen key. If your doing this for the first time a folder called 'Screenshots' will be automatically created in your Pictures Library.

Once created all screenshots will now appear in that folder.. :)
I was not aware about it. I have always followed the same procedure for saving each and every screenshots. This feature is really time saving. Thank you Kemical.

Well I finally found that it was making a screen shot when I hit the print screen button.
I just wasn't looking in the correct place for them.

I put the pieces together in Photoshop.

Start Page.jpg

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