Autostart with Admin Priv


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Let's call a truce and try to handle the OP's question.:)

You have your opinion and I have mine.

The OP's problem is a bad profile.

If they create a new profile with the same problem, then they have a corrupt OS. Nuke and reload.

As a final note,
All I can tell you is that I was there, I know because these systems came into the shop I worked at. I saw it with my own 2 eyes. I dealt with the customers and the OEM's when they bought a system with junk specs and Vista. I had customers come in insisting they wanted a 300$ PC with Vista. I refused to build it, they would complain and walk out and say they will call dell/hp Best buy etc. we lost their money blah blah blah. I'ld smile and say ok,, see ya later (meaning literally you will bring me your trash and complain about it) and I will take your money and fix it. For the most part I liked working in retail consumer break/fix. There is money to be had there.

I understand GeekSquad as much crap as they are really.

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