Backup software and routine.


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My boot 1tB SSD died. Now that it's replaced and I'm slowly back filling to get my win10 box back to where I was (the tech was able to recover 90% or so of my config) I'm determined to set a comprehensive backup routine.
So ideally I'd like a routine set so that at shut down the machine automatically does a backup of "new" data and once a week a complete backup of boot and documents.
So what software am I looking for?

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Use Macrium Reflect with a Samsung hard drive. Macrium free cannot schedule automatically but you can do so periodically. If you pay you can set incremental and full images to your likings. It never failed me in 15 years.
Internally I feel the same way about a Samsung SSD.


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I think that this software you're searching for is similar to that one that is used by my medical software. They are using a cloud base for stocking all the information about their patients and their past diseases. The access to this information can have just the doctors o the patient and the patients so other people won't have access to the information. It has a lot of benefits because it saves a lot of time because you won't need to take time off of work and also you will start staying less time in the waiting room because the doctor has already all the information online.