Need free backup software suggestion's


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I'm thoroughly sick of Windows 8.1's FileHistory failing to backup numerous videos in my user account's Videos folder. I turned it off, as it's useless. I've already started using Macrium Reflect free for system images, as that also fail's to complete in 8.1 due to the system reserved partition being too small for shadow copy to work. Could anyone please suggest a good free backup program for backing up my libraries ? Atleast until I can afford to start using Carbonite again in 2 - 3 month's.

Joe S

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I think EaseUS and Paragon both have free versions. There is a problem I did not load a link for Paragon


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Thanks Joe. I'll do a search for both.


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**SOLVED**I've got EaseUS Todo Backup Free 6.5 going on my desktop now. Getting ready to run it on my notebook now.

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