Windows 7 Beta Download Question


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If I download a torrent of 7000 from the pirate bay or isohunt is there anyway Microsoft can block me or shut my computer down if I load it over Vista?
so? that's how most people are going to be getting their hands on the beta anyways. Its a legit question
Obviously you haven't done your homework, Windows 7 Beta 1 will be made available LEGALLY upon it's release by Microsoft for anyone who wishes to download it, therefore stop asking questions that involve things like downloading pirated software on this forum.
I would suggest downloading the Windows 7 Beta (legally) yes.. but since it IS Beta software and there will undoubtedly be some bugs in it, I wouldn't suggest getting rid of Vista completely just yet.. ;) Win 7 is rock solid at this point in time, especially for being in the beta stage, but it's never wise to completely switch to beta software for your everyday machine..

That being said, I would definetely suggest trying out the beta once it's released by Microsoft (not much longer to wait ;) ).. you will like what you see.. :) When you do get it, just create a new partition on your hard drive if you are able to and install it on the new partition.. that way you'll still be able to use Vista while trying out Windows 7 Beta 1..
alright. Im hoping that M$ decides to let everyone who got Jipped by Vista at least a free download of 7 basic.
^^ Good luck with that.
Anyways, I'm using 7 as my primary OS on two of my PCs, and have yet to have any problems.
It's a gamble, but if you're that anti-Vista, I'd say go for it. But that's just me.

Anyways, there's no way for MS to 'kill' your PC for having a downloaded copy, however; you can't activate it until the beta goes public, so until then you'll have activation nagging every couple hours.
Ms can destroy, or partially cripple, your OS through script in updates, as they did with a few in Vista.. As said, this is not a site to discuss it. It would depend on which illegal method you used to activate your OS, as to whether the updates would have the desired efect. The simple solution would be,of course, to turn off updates.
office installs

Kyle Hi...
I am pretty new to this beta testing stuff (first time)
so please be patient with me
you say in your post that you have had no problems so far is this correct???
What sort of programmes have you loaded ??

I downloaded the beta and did a clean install on my No 3 computer no problem so far
everything looks cool and i am surprised how fast AND stable it is for a beta.
Still looks a bit Vista-ish but i think it's looking better (never got on too well with Vista anyway)
My point is:-
I have tried to load 3 MS office packages (all legitamate i must add i have no truck with illegal software of any kind)

Office 2000 Pro (Office V 9) Didn't even look for a solution at Microsoft
Office 2002 XP Pro (Office V 10) Looked but couldn't find a resolve from Microsoft
Office 2003 Pro (Office V11) again looked but didn't find a solution

Have i missed an installer that i have to download from Microsoft to aid the install of MS Office??

I also have tried to ghost Windows 7 from 1 raid 0 pair of drives to another pair of larger capacity drives
1. just out of idle curiosity to see if it would work... and 2. so i don't have to go though the complete install
again if it goes pear-shaped
Ghosting directly didn't work but creating an Image did
I have found lots of older software works really well with very few install issues including Mailwasher pro 6
Win-zip 10 Adobe reader 9 ACDSEE 7 and even some games
like....Farcry 2.. COD 4 (farcry1 wouldn't install installer issue again no resolve found @ microsoft)
your feedback would be appreciated

Kind Regards
your friendly pain in the ass
Mark Hansford
(Crimson Pirate)